GÉNOA Yáñez-Alaniz

community organizer — educator — poet

“As a language educator, I have experienced life through one hundred different languages, and have learned that together we are able to love, heal, and prosper best through tolerance, effort, and celebration.” — Jen Yáñez-Alaniz

Cultural Preservation

There is no official tribe I can claim. I am an amalgam created by a conquering. A history of fear, death, and forced assimilation drives my purpose.” — Jen Yáñez-Alaniz

I work with immigrants and refugees from around the world. My mission is to advocate for cultural preservation through language and food as resistance. This photo is from our Urban Agriculture Program: CIELO Gardens; where over 50 families grow produce native to their countries of origin. CIELO offers affordable access to important food traditions to our communities.

Life giver at CIELO Gardens in San Antonio, TX

Welcome: A Poetry Declaration

“Poetry is one of humanity’s oldest forms of expression and can be used to create deep connections between poets and the worlds they inhabit. Teachers and other community members also use poetry to connect people who feel displaced. A unique project in San Antonio, Welcome: A Poetry Declaration, is using poetry to celebrate World Refugee Day and to create myriad connections for displaced people. Refugees flee from their home countries to preserve their lives and seeking liberty and hoping to find happiness through peace. Once they leave their countries, refugees search for connections to their former homes, to create connections to their new homes, and to promote deeper engagement across humanity.” — Co-founder of Welcome: A Poetry Declaration and San Antonio City Immigration Liaison, Celestino Gallegos. https://poetrydeclaration.org/

We grow what we love and nurture
— photo credit: Maribe Lisette Alaniz